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  • Amateur radio in Tunisia

    17 novembre 2008 ( #History )

    Amateur radio in Tunisia *** Special thanks to the amateurs listener Ashraf Shaban 3V4-002 ** Radio amateur in Tunisia has began during the french occupation with the prefix FT. Since the indepandance in 1956, the prefix was changed to 3V prefix (and...

  • Bienvenue

    17 novembre 2008

    Greetings to all Hello you to the Blog of the Amateur Radio Club of Tunisian Scout 3V8ST Which we hope will be a mirror reflecting the activity of the club in the prestigious amateur 3V8ST is the second Amateur Radio Station in Tunisia on the Air !! QTH...

  • TS2008FG

    17 novembre 2008

    FUTURE GUIDES 2008 Special event Ariana regulates regiment day refresher Section girls Flowers and girl and Aldlelat On Sunday 27 2008 roses Ariana City 2008 FUTURE GUIDES Incidentally been calling all girls teams province northeast so a special station...

  • Membership Certificate

    21 novembre 2008