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Amateur radio in Tunisia

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Amateur radio in Tunisia

*** Special thanks to the amateurs listener Ashraf Shaban 3V4-002**

Radio amateur in Tunisia has began during the french occupation with the prefix FT.
Since the indepandance in 1956, the prefix was changed to 3V prefix (and TS for special callsigns).


As many knows, there is no individual liscence in Tunisia, and even if you have the
liscence, you haven't the right to import ham radio material.
All amateur radio station in Tunisia belong to cultural or educational organizations, such as the scout, high schools..

Even high schools find agreat problem hosting an amateur radio station for educational purposes. Let's take the example of the National Engineers School in Gabes city (where I study), they have a liscence since 2002 as 3V8ESG, but they haven't the possibility to buy a tranceiver.

Nowadays, there are eight stations; seven of them belong to scout.


3V8ST - Capital Tunis

3V8SF - Sfax city

3V8SM - Djerba Island (AF-083)

3V8SQ - Monastir city (6m + VHF Liscence)

3V8SS - Sousse city

3V8CB - Borj Cerdria (near Tunis)

3V8SJ - Jandouba city ISAJC
3V8BB - Bir El Bay

The other station is 3V8BB located in Bir El Bay (a very nice place near Tunis)

and it's part of the Institute of Cultural Animation.

Nearly all the equipement used in the tunisian stations

are sponsered by DXPeditions, such as the multinational

DXPedition in Kerkennah Islands (AF-073) TS7N 2000 and

TS7N 2003 (for more www.ts7n.tk). These DXPeditions offered

the necessary equipment for installing all the scoot stations.

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